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I actually think this was one of my favorite and most powerful scenes in the show. Kate Mulgrew expertly portrayed the hurt we’ve all felt at one point or another when we were ostracized by people we wanted so desperately to be accepted by and the fact that this feeling knows no boundaries of age.

I lost respect for Red after this

People who try to “fit in” bug the shit out of me

Be your damn self and people who like you will be your friend

It fucking sucks to be ostracized and bullied.  Not everyone is strong enough to endure it and ‘be yourself, people will like you anyway’ is a slap in the face while you’re going through it.  You’re already being yourself and people are taking the complete piss out of you.  There are some times you’re willing to do anything for a friend you can talk to.  High school behavior doesn’t stop in high school, either, this kind of situation can be applied to any stage of life in many situations, just ask Tumblr.

Some groups of people are just assholes and someone who’s trying to cope with it in the best way they know how isn’t any less deserving of respect.

I’d like to add that being yourself despite the crowd isn’t always a magical fix-it bullet where awesome people will notice you and materialize. Sometimes people are just stuck in environments where there just AREN’T any people who will be your friend, no matter how awesome you are.  In high school, I had trouble with my ‘friends’ and I did the ‘be yourself as hard as you can, because fuck trying to fit in’ thing. And it made the abuse worse. And I had kids ACTUALLY tell me that they wish they could be friends with me but they were afraid of being abused the way I was.

So, yes. Sometimes the best thing you can do is try to fit in. Sometimes it’s not. I wouldn’t go back and change my choice to be myself, but I certainly wouldn’t hold it against anyone for making a different one.

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Asexuality is an orientation in which a person does not experience sexual attraction to any sex and/or gender. They do not feel an intrinsic desire to make sex a part of their relationships with other people. However they may still be able to experience other types of attraction, and desire relationships with other people.

Check out the following websites to learn more about asexuality, join in on the community, and/or help increase asexual visibility and education.

Asexual Visibility and Education Network

International Asexuality Conference
(Worldpride Toronto 2014 Affiliate Event) (June 28, 2014)

Asexual Things (asexual vis/ed tumblr blog)

Reblog and boost, as my sister is asexual and is almost never understood.

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This Racism Happened in Murietta, California Today

This happened today: a protest in Murietta, California, turning back three buses of undocumented migrants from a Border Patrol Center, where they were expected to be processed. The buses eventually went to San Ysidro.

Via Latino Rebels

Fascism isn’t just growing in Ukraine and Europe. It’s here too.

This is why I wasn’t in a mood for fucking white people today. This is the first fucking thing I saw when I woke up. I don’t fucking care what you say, I don’t have time or patience for you gross ass people.

So much worse when it’s your city. When you’re associated with it. Knowing these people are near you. It’s sick

White people protesting means the busses don’t pass.

POC protests equal beatings, shootings, arrests.

How can white people do this to us?! How can you seriously think it’s your place to decide who gets to be here?!

I want to hurt a white person.

I’ll be the calm one and say this, Hate only breeds Hate, that being said, this still gets me super fired up, so not only do I understand this anger, I won’t hide others showing of it.  I just hope you all remember that a group of assholes don’t ruin the whole bunch.  Assholes come in many forms, and go by many names, so remember, don’t hate a group of people, just hate the assholes.



Saving Face (2012), acid attacks on women in Pakistan

Meanwhile, in America, feminists are complaining about how dress codes are oppressive.

You idiots have never experienced oppression, and pray you never do, because this is what it looks like.

Are you…fucking…okay hold on for a moment!

Are you trying to take a very clear and serious message and then use it to brow beat on another issue.

NO! I’m not allowing it.  Oppression of any teir is wrong, plain and simple!  Now stop trying to take a very good message and use it to say some straight up childishness and go sit in the fucking corner.



PLEASE, PLEASE help Casey.

"Casey was left in a metal nest box for months. Her legs became splayed, and her joints are about fused. Her hips and legs will not allow her to stand or walk. Without surgery soon, she will have to be put down. She is very loving and smart. She loves to snuggle, can say several words, "I love you", "mama", "baby", and "hello". I’ve had her for 2 weeks, and cannot find funds for her to have the surgery the vet says is the only chance she has." 

If you can donate, please do! I know I am. 

This is why we want to stop breeders. If you don’t believe in puppy mills, then why would you support bird mills? 
Sign the petition, starting with Petco.

help bird! ;_;


FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Games are proud to announce the Lost Crowns DLC Trilogy for Dark Souls II!

Watch the trailer NOW!

Three harrowing chapters of Dark Souls II DLC are on the way for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC players:

  • The Crown of the Sunken King - July 22, 2014
  • The Crown of the Old Iron King - August 26, 2014
  • The Crown of the Ivory King - September 24, 2014

The Crown of the Sunken King sends players on a quest to reclaim the Crown that King Vendrick once owned, but surely it cannot sit unguarded?





Feminists are always silent when it comes to women killing children but of course they’d be silent — there’s no men to blame.

Oh yes. An extremely rare occurrence that wasn’t related to a gender or sex-based motive clearly undermines the feminist movement. Go you, so smart, such a valid point.

An extremely rare occurrence”

Women who killed or attempted to kill children in the news, past 30 days (US):

  1. Florida woman shoots, kills her 2 teenage sons 
  2. Mother throws 1 year-old daughter under truck, kills her 
  3. California mom stabs her 3 daughters to death. all under 2 years old
  4. Mother attempts to kill her 3 teenage children 
  5. Mother kills her infant son by stabbing him to death 
  6. Woman kills 2 year-old girl, attempts to kill 10 year-old boy 
  7. Utah mom murders 6 newborns, keeps them in garage 
  8. Mother charged with trying to suffocate daughter 
  9. Woman charged for killing 8-month old baby 

Women who killed or attempted to kill children in the news between January and April 2014 (US):

  1. Mother drowns both of her sons aged 3 and 6 
  2. Mother attempts to drown her 3 children in ocean 
  3. Utah mother shoots and kills two teen daughters, then herself 
  4. Mother suffocates 14 month old son, fails at attempted suicide 
  5. Woman babysitter murders 19 month old boy 
  6. Mom kills 7 month old daughter, blames Jesus 
  7. Woman operating illegal daycare responsible for 3 month old girl’s death, police find 14 children in her basement 
  8. Mom strangles 3 day old baby boy, discarded body in trashcan 
  9. Woman suffocates 2 year old girl of fiance, fakes sexual assault by unknown assailant to cover tracks 
  10. Mother charged with killing 2 year-old daughter 
  11. Mother of several children with history of violence murdered and buried 2 year-old daughter in shallow grave 
  12. Mother stabs and kills her 2 children in exorcism 
  13. Mother kills her teen son and daughter, self 
  14. Mother confesses to killing 10 year-old son 
  15. Mother tortures and kills 3 year-old son, burned genitals with lighter 

This is only mid-year and I didn’t even include the reports of mothers killing their children from other countries. In a 2009 report by the Department of Health and Human Services, 27.3% of fatalities were perpetrated by the mother compared to 14.8% by the father. They reported that 9.8% were perpetrated by the mother and another person while only 1.4% were by the father and another person.

"Extremely rare".

Rare occurrence my ass

Can we all just agree that we are all murderous asshats deep inside, and it has nothing to do with gender, class, or upbrining!?

Getting a little sick and tired of this Red vs. Blue bullshit you guys keep spewing!

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